Quality not quantity: Nigerian couple visibly upset over their friends spraying them with neat N10 notes on their wedding day (video)

The countenance of a couple towards their friends on their wedding day has got people’s on social media – 

The friends of the groom were seen spraying the couple with mint N10 notes – 

The couple didn’t seem to be happy as they bent their heads without smiling 

 For some couples, their wedding is one of the happiest days of their lives and it becomes more interesting when they are surrounded by their friends. 

It, however, it became the opposite for an unidentified Nigerian couple whose traditional wedding video is going viral online. 

In the video, the couple was dressed beautifully as they sat by each other. Friends of the groom were spotted spraying them as music played in the background. 

 As the groom’s friends excitedly sprayed the couple with mint N10 notes, the heads of the husband and wife were bent without a smile on their faces. 

Watch the video below 

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