Reactions to Alex Ekubo’s appearance at Ini Edo’s party

After keeping a low profile and staying away from social media for weeks following the messy controversial drama he had with his ex, Fancy Acholonu, actor Alex Ekubo made an appearance at Ini Edo’s party last night in Lagos.

Alex Ekubo was seen among the guests at the event in a video shared by Ini Edo, and he appeared uncomfortable each time the camera focused on him.

ALex Ekubo looking pale

Also, some fans were quick to notice how pale he looked and reserved he looked which is quite unlike him.

“That woman wahala worry Alex ooh, he’s lost weight and looks pale” one Gladys wrote

“Alex has finally come out of his shell after avoiding attention since fancy showed him pepper, we thank God” one Maupe wrote.

Watch the video below:

NenyKo recalls that Fancy Acholonu, an American model and ex fiance of Alex Ekubo, issued a public apology to the actor earlier this year after she embarrassed him last year by calling off their wedding on social media and asking him to “live his truth” which had many insinuating that he is gay.

Interestingly, days after she made the public apology, she reiterated and claimed that Alex Ekubo forced her to put the apology post to save his face. She was upset that he didn’t live up to his end of the bargain after tendering the apology.

"I'm sorry to everyone involved" Fancy Acholonu tenders heartfelt apology to parties involved in her crisis with ex-fiance, Alex

Hell-bent on exposing him, Fancy Acholonu further revealed that in their 5 years of relationship, he never touched her.

It got messier when an audio recording of Alex Ekubo and his estranged fiance, Fancy Acholonu in a heated conversation surfaced online.

In the audio recording, Alex Ekubo clearly told his estranged fiance that he wouldn’t be posting anything on his page, in reference to her apology. However, he would acknowledge her post and leave a comment under it.

Alex Ekubo, who is one of the most eligible bachelors in Nollywood, however, faulted his fiance for her ulterior motive behind the post.

The talented movie star noted that Fancy wouldn’t be making the apology if she had found someone else and was living in paradise.

He further stated that he doesn’t see any harm, in her trying to rekindle their relationship, as there were reasons why they fell in love.

“I am not going to do any post on my page about this. I am going to acknowledge whatever is under your post. If you need time out to go and think about it, go and think about it. You are a human being. I have a brain, you can think and process. I don’t want to go back, that’s not the bone of contention.

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