Reactions to Pere Egbi, a BBNaija star, revealing his desire to become a preacher

Reactions have been mixed since a former Big Brother Naija reality show star, Pere Egbi, revealed his ambition to become a preacher.

In a tweet on Thursday, the reality personality and actor stated that he hopes to preach in front of “tens of millions” one day.

Pere, who rose to notoriety after appearing on the sixth season of 2021 Big Brother Naija Shine, added that standing on the pulpit is one of the last things he wants to do before passing away.


“Forget this celebrity BS, I’m going to stand on the pulpit someday and I will preach the gospel to tens of millions. It’s my dream and the one last thing I have to do before leaving earth,” he wrote.

Below are some of the reactions:

@ObasiRuth9; “After d shii u pulled in the house?Very funny.”

@FavouredMost; “Please start already… Someday may be too late. I pray for you to achieve that dream and live worthy of your calling.”

@Kellyhansome25; “Biko just keep doing your TV show mbok. Do you know what it takes to be called a man of God and be used by God? It involves a total surrendering of one’s sinful lifestyle and accepting Christ full heartedly. Preaching won’t suit you, you would sow a seed of concord among your flocks.”

@ChiefMaziObi; “After touring and flexing the world… It’s the “Last thing I’ll do” part for me.if you feel it’s so important, why not do it now? But no, you’ll wait till you’ve done all the evil on earth before doing the preaching part.”

@tgif1738; “And that’s why God made you a celebrity, use your platform to proclaim the glory of the Lord. This is awesome. God bless you with his grace and wisdom.”

@atim_awak; “Funny enough preachers of the gospel of Christ Jesus, are the most famous and relevant celebrities..And they enjoy all round peace, no competition with anybody, like circular celebrities.”

@iamNwammili; “Perhaps you need to check closely at what the current preaching has done, maybe you can channel your passion to a more productive way to help humanity.”

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