Regina Chukwu begs her senior colleagues to intervene in the case of Mustapha Sholagbade’s babymama, Adewumi Fatai’s outburst (Video)

Regina Chukwu, a Nollywood actress, has apologised to her senior colleagues on behalf of make-up artist and Mustapha Sholagbade’s babymama, Adewumi Fatai.

According to NenyKo, Adewumi Fatai took to Instagram to criticise industry elders following an encounter with the police.

Adewumi Fatai claimed she was assaulted by police while returning from a weekend event. A police officer, she claims, slapped her several times for campaigning for a particular presidential candidate.

Regina Chukwu

The assault infuriated Adewumi who took to her IG to lash out at many actors in the industry.

In a surprising U-turn, Adewumi had taken to her Instagram live to tender apology to the public.

“I was accused of supporting Campaigning for politics and all I sad was out of annoyance and frustration. I am sorry Emabinu sir/ma”, she said.

In a post on her Instagram story, Adewumi stated that she sincerely apologizes to anyone who has been offended by her utterance.

She revealed that she wasn’t in her right frame of mind when she did it. The makeover artiste stated that she knows it’s a trap as she has been dealing with a lot which has left her tired.

She, however, believes that the culprit wouldn’t go unpunished as she trust in her creator.

“To everyone who I have offended with my words, I sincerely apologize. To the elders in the industry, I sincerely apologize but Allah knows I wasn’t in my right frame of mind. The same police who are to protect us assaulted me. I know this is a set up. Allah won’t let this go by without the person behind this get punished. God knows I am so pained, so tired of a lot I’m dealing with. E ma bunu”.

Reposting her apology, Regina Chukwu pleaded with her senior colleagues to forgive her.

Defending the make over artiste, she noted how Adewumi is a still a child, hence, her misbehavior.

“To everyone @glitterstouch_makeovers has offended with her outbursts.
Pls I beg on my knees.
E ma binu
Omo yin ni
Ejo eje ebure
Omole o le no eko je ko ma ra lowo
She will be more careful next time.
Ejo, e wo to Omo Lara.

Pls forgive and forget, she didn’t mean it that way”.

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