Registered Voters At Buem Constituency Can only vote for Presidential Candidates – EC

 Eligible Voters At Buem Constituency Can Only Vote For Presidential Candidates – EC

The Electoral Commission of Ghana has announced to the general public about the conduct of the presidential and parliamentary elections at the Buem Constituency.

According to the Electoral Commission, eligible voters in the Buem Constituency can only vote for a presidential candidate and not a parliamentary candidate. The Electoral Commission has revealed that the election will be held at the exact time, and it has been from 7:00 Am to 5:00 pm.

The statement from the EC  revealed that because of the creation of the new Guan District Local Government herein Guan District Assembly (Established) instrument 2020, the creation of the Guan Constituency is pending.  This means that eligible voters in the Guan District Assembly can only vote for the presidential candidates and not parliamentary candidates at the Buem constituency on December 7, 2020.

The Electoral Commission has charged the voters in the Guan District to take notice of the information and abide by it to avert any form of disorderliness at the polling centers. The EC has however assured the general public of violence-free elections.

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