Rihanna shocks a fan at a Barbados gas station

Rihanna, a 32-year- old award winning singer has surprised a fan with the greatest Christmas gift.

While the pop star ran into a huge fan at a gas station in Barbados her home town,she shot a delightful video with him.

“My Christmas just got made merry,” the delighted fan said in the video.

Both Rihanna and the fan were wearing masks, in compliant with COVID -19 rules.

Narrating how she met him, Rihanna said they were “at a random gas station, we’re not even buying gas. We’re not even driving.”

Rihanna gave the fan a pleasing holiday surprise at a gas station in Barbados.

She ended the video with a shout-out to her home country, screaming “Barbados!” to the camera.

Rihanna arrived in Barbados via private jet last week, probably for the holidays.

Earlier this month, she launched a shimmering wild   X Fenty holiday lingerie showcasing a singer sporting a  blue-and-white bra and panties collection.wiyh lace, sandals and  $200,000 worth of jewels. 

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