Rufai Hanga reveals Buhari’s fears, says he is scared that the Service Chiefs will overthrow him

A former Kano Central Senator, Rufai Hanga, claims President Muhammadu Buhari is retaining the Service Chiefs because he is afraid of a coup. Hanga, an ex-member of the House of Representatives, has revealed this in an interview with The Sun.

He recalled that the National Assembly had, on different occasions, asked PMB to remove the military heads. Hanga condemned that the high ranked officers remaining in service despite attaining retirement.

He said, 

“The Senate and the House of Representatives have made this call several times, but the president has refused to act for the reasons best known to him. Some people say he is afraid of a coup”.

“He once mentioned it that he didn’t want to change the Service Chief because there were very ambitious officers down the ladder. That means he is afraid of a coup. The most unfortunate thing is that these Service Chiefs have overstayed their usefulness”.

“Some of them have spent 40 years in service. The rule is that you retire after 35 years of service or upon the attainment of 60 years of age. Some of these people have spent far and above their age of retirement so much that the junior officers are being retired.”

Hanga described the situation as dispiriting and discouraging.

 However, he emphasized that the sack calls by federal lawmakers were a mere political statement.

Hanga pondered why they have not taken decisive action to enforce their demand.

“The resolution is empty because the president has refused to budge to their demand. So, there is nothing they can do.”

He also disbands the House of Representatives’ invitation to Buhari.

“What has he not said before? If he refuses to appear before the House, nothing will happen”, he stated.

Buhari may appear at the Green Chamber on December 10th or 15th.

Benjamin Kalu, the Reps spokesperson, made the confirmation to reporters last Thursday in Abuja.

The Nigerian leader is expected to brief the lawmakers on insecurity in the country. He has been invited after the genocide of more than 40 Borno farmers by Boko Haram.

Kalu recalled that the House leadership had engaged the President and asked when it would be convenient for him.

The Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila, has met with Buhari at the Presidential Villa last Wednesday.

Kalu said December 8 would not be possible because of the National Executive Committee meeting of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“We are looking at December 10 or December 15. The President has broken the jinx by promising that he would appear before the house”

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