‘She’s a carbon replica of you.’ Actress Etinosa Idemudia gets a lot of attention while wearing a marching attire with her infant.

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Many fans and followers of Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia have been swooning over her adorable kid, who is dressed similarly to her.

The actress shared a snapshot of herself and her adorable baby wearing killer jeans and tops with the caption “kicking with my mini and mama” on her Instagram page.

Etinosa Idemudia professed her affection for her daughter, saying she loves her “heart and soul.”

She wrote: Mini me @babykris_uwa I love you with my heart and soul…..

Reacting to the post, many fans gushed over them, stating that Etinosa Idemudia gave birth to her carbon copy.

moyolawalofficial wrote: Tooo cute

officialidahams wrote: She’s your carbon copy

switypikin wrote: You gave birth to another you

juddykb wrote: Mother and child looking so dope

NenyKo recalls Etinosa Idemudia insisted that her colleague in the music industry, Tiwa Savage owes nobody any apology for her leaked sex tape.

Idemudia who is a single mother of one in a recent radio interview insisted that Tiwa should not be held responsible for the infamous tape because she wasn’t the one that recorded nor released the tape for public consumption.

Etinosa Idemudia said: “People kept asking me why I am supporting the act. But what exactly are we suppose to be condemning? What should Tiwa Savage apologize for? That she had sex? Was she the one that recorded it? She wasn’t. Was she the one that leaked the tape, No she wasn’t.

I have not heard anybody condemning the black mailer or looking for the black mailer. Or asking who the blackmailer is. Everybody is just on Tiwa’s neck. This is what is called Victim blaming. If I pack my car outside and its stolen, would you blame me for parking my car or blame the thief?”

Etinosa Idemudia


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