Sophia, Davido’s baby mama, says Imade is being taught not to flaunt her fancy clothes and diamonds|Video

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Nigerians have reacted to Sophia Momodu, musician Davido’s baby mama, revealing that her daughter, Imade, is being taught not to flaunt her fancy clothes and diamonds.

Imade, according to the business magnate, has always been taught to brag about her academic achievements rather than the lavish lifestyle she has experienced.

Sophia made the disclosure while uploading a Snapchat video of her removing several of her daughter’s fancy wristwatches and bracelets as she went to school.

In her opinion, she would not tolerate showing off material things apart from intellectual displays to her mates in school.

She wrote: The only time I let my kid show off is academically or work stuff. Anything outside that is a big NO. Your friends can talk about all the designer diamonds and stuffs you’ve got on but not you baby, don’t you say a word. I’m so glad that she gets it… and even if not completely imma keep teaching her why.

However, Nigerians have applauded her way of upbringing, while some had attacked her for stylishly showing off the luxury items she was preaching against.

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@fortunista_by_ivy wrote: So why video it? Which one is now massaging the wrist? The wristwatch na POP? Clout chaser of the year

@chaps_babe wrote: She recorded to teach the rest mothers Abeg
So everyone can learn make una leave am abeg

@nessa.wasem wrote: Omo… and Na you still Dey record am

@henryreginald wrote: Didn’t they come out from the same house or was she not the one who prepared the little girl for school? She didn’t see the watch to remove it when they were inside the house and she waited till they get into the car then camera started rolling and then action 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 good actress/clout chaser…..👏 we’ve seen the wrist watch

@bibios_ wrote: So much wisdom in this video. Don’t talk about your diamonds and Rolex while making a video to post for the public. Amazing!!

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