Stay away from strange men. – A 100-year-old woman reveals her secret to living a long and happy life.

After returning 100, a woman is sharing the secret to her long and happy life.


Olive Westerman celebrated her milestone birthday on Monday, January 16, and shared some advice with other women seeking longevity.


Avoid strange men ? Woman, 100, shares her secret to long, happy life

“Avoid talking to strange men and you’ll be just fine,” she stated as she celebrated with her female friends at a high tea in Chester, England.


Westerman also shared some other life advice.


“Simply be happy and content to be alive and make the most of what you have,” the grateful great-grandmother gushed to South West News Service.


While Westerman now avoids any advances from men, she enjoyed a long marriage to her late husband, Sam, who passed away several years ago.


Westerman’s female friends even honored her late husband at her birthday party by presenting her with Lindt chocolates and Estée Lauder perfume — something Sam gifted her every year.


Avoid strange men ? Woman, 100, shares her secret to long, happy life


Westerman also believes being around children is an important part of maintaining her happiness and enthusiasm.


“Over the years I have spent a lot of time working with children, and this will certainly help to keep you young at heart!” the senior citizen stated.

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