Suddenly exhausted, Ireland claims that thousands of COVID-19 cases are yet to be added to the count.

Ireland said on Friday it had under-reported coronavirus cases in later days by thousands more than formerly known as its system came under strain, suggesting the EU’s fastest growing outbreak is worsening even more rapidly than figures showed.

More than 9,000 people who have tested positive for COVID-19 have yet to been added to the official result  of confirmed cases, the National Public Health Emergency Team said. A day earlier it had estimated the number of positive tests still pending registration at just 4,000.

Ireland has gone from having the lowest infection rate in the European Union just two weeks ago to having the fastest rate of degeneration, after shops and large parts of the hospitality sector were allowed to reopen for most of December.

A very large number of positive tests since Christmas has led to a delay in positive swabs being formally confirmed as new individual cases. Ireland officially reported a daily record 1,754 confirmed cases on Friday, surpassing 1,500 daily cases for the fourth day in a row.

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