The ban on pregnant schoolgirls in Zimbabwe has been lifted.

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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania — According to a minister, a 19-year-old Tanzanian law prohibiting pregnant students from attending school will be repealed.

Prof Joyce Ndalichako, the Minister of Education, announced on Wednesday that pupils who dropped out of school for different reasons, including pregnancy, will now be able to return to the official school system.

The government had set up a parallel education system for pregnant schoolgirls with officials saying this would protect other students from “bad influence”.

The late Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli reinforced the law initially passed in 2002 which allowed for the expulsion of pregnant schoolgirls.

The law said the girls could be expelled and excluded from school for “offences against morality” and “wedlock”.

Women’s rights groups had long urged the government to change the law.

Magufuli warned that “after getting pregnant, you are done”.

He also announced that men who impregnate schoolgirls should be imprisoned for 30 years.

Prof Ndalichako said she would give more information about the way forward. – BBCWorld

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