The husband of a gospel singer whose nude photos were leaked threatens to take back the house and car he gave her.

Njogu Wa Njoroge, a veteran Gikuyu radio presenter, has reportedly threatened to repossess the house and car he gave his second wife, gospel singer Mary Lincoln, after her nudes were leaked on the internet.



According to the Nairobian, the leaked nudes have caused a significant schism between Mary and her husband.


According to a source, Njogu Wa Njoroge threatened to repossess a house and a high-end vehicle he purchased for his second wife after her nudes were leaked online.


Husband of gospel singer whose nudes were leaked threatens to repossess house and car he gave her

The source was quoted saying;


“Her husband, veteran Gikuyu radio presenter Njogu Wa Njoroge, was shocked by the viral images of his second wife.

“The incident has resulted in a major storm in her marriage. The man had threatened to repossess his gifts that includes a house and posh ride.


Mary Lincoln has already gone to church to seek for forgiveness over the leaked nudes. After being spotted kneeling and weeping as Bishop Michael Wanderi of Christian Foundation Fellowship (CFF) Church, Kiambu prayed for her, the gospel singer said;


“Yes, we went to the Christian Foundation Fellowship (CFF) Church for repentance and forgiveness prayer. Our God is merciful and offers those who repent a second chance to resume service to him.”

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