Toyin Abraham files a lawsuit against the Revolution plus property scam.

Toyin Abraham, the actress, has now taken legal action against Revolution Plus property, having her lawyers send them an official statement confirming her disassociation from the brand.

Toyin Abraham, who shared the legal documents on her Instagram page moments ago, wrote:

Toyin Abraham



We are Solicitors to Mrs. Olutoyin Abosede Ajeyemi Abraham, (hereinafter referred to ‘our Client’) and on whose instruction we write the above-captioned letter.

Our Client wishes to disassociate herself from the brand, Revolutionplus (hereinafter referred to ‘the company). This disclaimer is premised on the fact that our client’s contract with the Company as a Brand Ambassador has been effectively terminated and the compelling need to disassociate herself from the image of the Brand.

Despite the above promises, I was still receiving various threats messages, curses, complaints and pleas from investors claiming they had not been allocated any land or refunded their monies. Some of them further claimed that because I represented the Company as a brand ambassador, I reposed their confidence in the
Company to invest their monies. I became sad, worried, and disturbed and decided to stop my social media publications and advertisement of the Company’s products.

When the pressure and harassment became embarrassingly unbearable both online on all my social media platforms and offline, and with my integrity at stake, I sent a mail to the Company on the 15th June 2022 notifying them of my intent to terminate my contract as a Brand Ambassador. The Company reached out to me on the 16th of June 2022, we had a meeting and they promised to promptly and effectively address the allegations. Upon the premise of the promises made, I sent another mail on the 17th June 2022 cancelling my notice of intent to terminate my contract as a brand ambassador.

In view of the above termination which I accept in good faith and totality, and considering the recent similar messages I have received from aggrieved customers from the brand, I hereby disassociate myself from the brand and advise that all persons dealing with the brand conduct their respective due diligence’.

It was in the wake of my decision to reduce the brand’s visibility and advertisement on my social media platforms, especially because my integrity as a person is being questioned daily, that I received a ‘Notice of Termination of Brand Ambassadorship’ letter on the 22nd December 2022 by the Company’s legal team, which effectively terminated my contract with them on grounds of reduced affection and reluctant approach towards publicly identifying with the brand.

While performing my duties as contained in the contract, I started receiving a lot of allegations and complaints from investors who claimed the Company has not allocated lands nor refunded them their monies. Some of these investors were in my DM (Direct Message) demanding for refund of their monies or allocation of the lands they paid for.

Please find below the official statement from our Client:

‘After carefully conducting my due diligence and being personally convinced about the genuineness of the Company, I proceeded to sign a contractual agreement in July 2020, thereby becoming a brand ambassador to market the property products of the Company, Revolutionplus. This duty I carried out with utmost loyalty, diligence, integrity and excellence, which are the core values I stand for.

Toyin Abraham apologises over property

NenyKo recalls that last year, Toyin Abraham had succumbed to pressure from netizens and apologised over the property scam that she, Odunlade Adekola and other Nollywood stars battled for days.

There had been allegations that the real estate brand is fond of scamming ignorant clients.

One Naija lady in Canada called them out saying “I paid since September 2020! Houston Park, no allocation till date. You comment on their page, they delete or block you! Please drag them well. @revolutionpluspropertylekki are scammers!!!”

Many netizens had dragged and rain insults at Toyin Abraham, Odunlade Adekola and the real estate company owner.

In a post shared on Instagram, Toyin Abraham said the issue had been challenging for her as she had been unable to sleep since the case came up.

Toyin Abraham noted that she felt like she was in the midst of a deep ocean and assured that the management of the real estate company was working on resolving the several issues raised and making everyone happy.

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