Uganda: 21 people have been arrested in connection with the twin bombings in Kampala.

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At least 21 persons have been arrested on suspicion of being involved in the Tuesday double blasts outside the Central Police Station in Kampala and the Jubilee building on Parliamentary Avenue in Kampala, according to security officials.

Following the two explosions, security carried out operations based on leads, which resulted in the demolition of multiple ADF cells across the country, according to a police spokesperson.

“We have arrested 21 suspects after dismantling ADF cells in  Kampala, Wakiso, Luweero and Ntoroko. These were operatives, coordinators and financers of terrorism activities,” Enanga said.

He said the operations were carried out basing on intelligence information and on arrest, the suspects provided information about planning and carrying out bomb attacks in various parts of the country.

He noted that the operations led security to ADF terror cells in Mpereerwe, Lweza, Ntoroko and Kasana in Luweero district.

“We recovered three sets of Improvised Explosive Devices and  an AK47,”Enanga said.

Sheikh killed

The police spokesperson said in one of the operations, they put out of action one Sheikh  Muhammad Kirevu in Nsangi, Wakiso district whom he described as an “active recruitment personnel” for the ADF in Kampala.

“He was recruiting young men into ADF.”

He noted that they also put out of action four suspected terrorists were also killed in Ntoroko and that these formed part of the recruitment and logistical coordination network in Bundibugyo, Luweero and Ntoroko and that these were crossing back to Uganda from DRC.

“During the encounter with our teams, there was an exchange of gun fire and the  four  were killed. These were greatly linked to Luminsa, the fourth in command in the ADF. They were being surveilled by our teams along the border.”

Enanga also noted that security is currently looking for one Sheikh Nsubuga who is involved in training, radicalization and providing resources and other materials on use of IEDS to those recruited.

He said the suspect is currently on the run.

According to security, 13 other people were intercepted at Karugutu in Ntoroko on route to join ADF in DRC.

He said among the 13 were seven adults and six juveniles who were being smuggled out of the country into the neighboring country.

“ADF is widely recruiting and opening recruitment centres all over the country but the joint security agencies will continue to bring perpetuators to justice. Our top priority remains protecting Ugandans Operations we have been handling following the double deadly suicide attacks,” he said.

The UPDF spokesperson, Brig Flavia Byekwaso dismissed claims that security was doing guess work in regards the names of the three suicide bombers in the Tuesday attacks.

“How we got the name was through Moses Mugamba Mudasiru. He was caught alive and before he died, divulged information,” Brig Byekwasi said.

“We dont talk because we want to be heard. Give us the credibility we deserve. Not all details we will give them but believe what we tell you.”

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