“When I’m down, I sniff my husband’s armpit and boxers”, says Angel Nwaosu

Angel Nwaosu, a radio personality, said she sniffed the boxers of her husband and her armpit while she was down.

She said she sniffed his boxers and armpits because it raised her heart and immediately hyped her.

She also claims that people who judge her don’t get the emotion that it’s intoxicating.

However, she urges women to try it as long as their husband is a hot one, since it also lowers temper.

”I sniff my husband’s boxers and armpit, when I am down, it lifts my spirit and gets me hyped instantly. You guys wouldn’t understand the feeling, it intoxicates. As long as your husband is a neat man, try it and see. It reduces quick temper. Thank me later.”

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