‘When my sister went to see her husband in Dubai, Maria opened the door wearing Kelvin’s Tshirt,’ Cubana Chiefpriest reveals.

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Celebrity Barman Cubana Chiefpriest has refuted claims that Kelvin and his estranged wife’s marriage ended in January, claiming that the divorce papers were only served a month ago.

Linda Ikeji obtained several chat screenshots between Maria and Kelvin that revealed the married man lied to Maria about his marital status, according to Kemi Filani News.

He also refutes claims that he hasn’t been taking care of their children since he divorced his wife.

Kelvin revealed that he had been separated from his wife since January, but she has kept spreading rumours and gossip about him among her close friends.

However, in a post shared on Instagram, Cubana Chiefpriest, her sister, gave up the marriage after discovering that her husband, Kelvin, sponsored Maria’s entrance into the Big Brother Naija reality show.

Cubana Chiefpriest added that her sister had gone to Dubai to visit her husband, who had refused to pick her call and eventually met Maria at his house wearing his T-shirt.

The celebrity Barman also revealed that Kelvin was responsible for Maria’s Instagram page during the reality show and introduced her to entertainment executive Paul Okoye and warned her never to send his sister threats after moving out of her matrimonial home.

He wrote: Divorce Was Just Served Barely A Month Ago, We No Dey Post Receipt With Ink Cover Slide To See Date, My Sister Gave Up The Marriage After Finding Out Kelvin Sponsored The Big Brother Movement And Also When She Came To Dubai To See The Husband Who Does Not Pick Calls Again And Low N Behold Maria Opened The Door For Her Putting On The Husbands Tshirt,

I Personally Gave Kelvin Who Managed Maria’s Account While She Was In Big Brother And I Also Intorduced Them To @pauloo2104 For Management, All We Ask Is Let Her Not Receive Threats Again She Has Moved Out Of Their Matrimonial Home In Owerri To Abuja Few Days Ago To Get A New Life, Let Her Be Respected. They Were Never Divorced Since 2018, She Just Started The Process Which He Is Yet To Respond.

NenyKo earlier reported that Cubana Chiefpriest, in a post shared on Instagram, opined that there is nothing sweeter than family and called on wives to stay woke as Maria is coming for their husband.

According to Cubana Chiefpriest, Maria stole his sister’s husband and constantly sent her threat. Hence, he vowed never to allow such an act to slide as he promised to go after Maria in Dubai.

However, in a new post, Cubana Chiefpriest questioned the audacity of Maria in threatening a married woman who has male and female children for her husband.

Cubana Chiefpriest said Maria’s recent flaunting of dollars, Range Rover and wristwatch a few days ago was done to spite her sister.

The celebrity Barman expressed disappointment in her sister’s husband, stating nobody has side chicks more than another. Still, they will make their home miserable for their wives to the point of calling and threatening them.

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