Why COVID-19 vaccine should be administered without a clinical trial – NAFDAC

The National Food and Drug Administration Department, NAFDAC, has announced that the proposed roll-out of coronavirus vaccines in Nigeria, which is scheduled to begin in January, would not be subject to fresh clinical trials until they are delivered to people.

The spokesperson for the Organisation, Sayo Akintola, who made this clear during an interview with newsmen, said that local vaccine trials were needless as the vaccine had already been approved by the World Health Organization.

“The truth is that once a vaccine is approved by the WHO, it is assumed that it has passed through some preliminary stages of the trial.

“It is a known fact that for the WHO to sanction a vaccine, it must have gone through a series of trials here and there,” he said.

However, he clarified that a sample of the vaccine must be taken to the laboratory for its “safety and efficacy” to be determined prior to inoculation.

Recall that the Nigeria Medical Association had requested the federal government to test the COVID-19 vaccine before it was distributed to Nigerians.

However, with the status of NAFDAC, Nigeria’s health authorities could well continue with vaccinations, trusting the WHO’s expertise.

If the vaccine finally arrives in the region, some 40 million Nigerians will obtain it free of charge.

This is revealed to the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, following President Buhari’s Instruction, in order to continue with the procurement arrangements.

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