You are a man, and no matter how many surgeries you have, your DNA speaks volumes, says Solomon Buchi to Bobrisky.

Solomon Buchi, a life coach, has sent a powerful message to controversial crossdresser Bobrisky, saying that he is a man and nothing can change that.

This comes after Bobrisky revealed what he will do to convince Nigerians that he is a girl, according to NenyKo.


The crossdresser insisted that only in Nigeria do people argue about his gender, and that he would have to broadcast his private parts to persuade Nigerians.


He said: “Only in Nigeria people argue your gender with you. I say I am a girl, some are still doubting. Until I spread, my kpekus on air before una believe”.

Solomon Buchi tell Bobrisky he will always be a man

Weighing into Bobrisky’s controversial post, Buchi sent him a powerful message. He told him point blank that gender is not a costume he puts on and off.

According to Buchi, Bobrisky will always be a man no matter the surgeries he performs. Backing his claim up with science, he said Bobrisky’s DNA speaks volumes.

He wrote: “Bobrisky actually denigrates womanhood. Bob, gender is not a costume that you can put on and off. You’re a man.

“A red bladed man. Even if you go through surgeries to become trans***, you’re still a man. Your gender isn’t just in your sexual organs.

“It’s down into your bones; your DNA. Such that if one dis and is buried, 100 years later, they can check through the bones and know that he was male. Bobrisky, na man you be”.

Solomon Buchi shares powerful advice with men who treat their wives better

NenyKo recalls that Solomon Buchi who doesn’t mince words when dishing out relationship and marriage advice relayed to men that they will be dragged. and called names for treating thier wives well.

He tweeted: If you’re going to treat your wife well, be ready to be called “woman wrapper”, “simp”, or “finished man”. Just be ready. Many men dislike to see other men rest their wives better than they treat theirs.

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