Yuletide: Residents of Kaduna complain about insecurity, fuel scarcity, and rising food prices.

Residents of Kaduna State lamented the daily increase in food and transportation prices, as well as insecurity and poverty in the land just three weeks before Christmas.

Some Kaduna residents who spoke to DAILY POST said they are expecting miracles because all previous expectations have proven futile.

Dr Samsonite Awuku of the Sabon Tasha community, who sells rice, beans, and gari wholesale, says his main suppliers have been cut off since August, when insecurity was at its peak; he adds that most of his suppliers from other states have been attacked, while others have been killed by their abductors.

Following this, prices of the foodstuff continued to increase daily.

“We buy in wholesale and sell to retailers who add little money and sell to consumers. But, since our suppliers were cut off, and we are now buying from others just to survive, the price keeps increasing,” he said,

Mrs Juliet Obonyilo, a market woman Trinkania-Kaduna, expressed fears over the continuous rise of foodstuff due to unavailable farm produce and an increase in transport fare due to fuel scarcity.

According to her, even if you risk your life, and go to a bush market to buy foodstuff, the cost of transportation alone is more than the total cost of foodstuff.

Mrs Rose Ademu, a widow who lives in Kakuri-Kaduna, lamented the hardship eroding the family since the departure of their breadwinner.

According to her, her husband was killed by his abductors after demanding a N500,000 ransom. Since then, the means of livelihood for her and five grown-up children has become difficult.

According to her, the situation worsened since the fuel increase, adding that some days, they stayed hungry, and other days, they have one square meal a day.

However, Umoru Shuaibu, who stays in Barnawa-Kaduna, said Christmas and the new year are no longer new since it’s a yearly ritual, noting that they are hoping on God.

He further explained that since he has nothing to take care of the family, he prayed for the day as those who have would surely share enough.

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